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Website back and running


We're back up and running!!

After several months of glitches, technical problems and unforseen delays, the Revolution Cleaning Products website is finally back up and running. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the extended shut down however our product listing had been completely deleted and reloaded on four occasions to try and correct technical issues that we were experiencing. On each occasion despite attempting to undertake a bulk upload of our product range, we had to manually load detail on individual products. This has been a very mentally draining exercise and we have at this stage only listed around two thirds of our products. We will continue to upload more products over the next few weeks and will make additional changes. Unfortunately we are still experiencing minor glitches in the site however we will work through these as they become apparent.

At this stage, online shopping transactions can only be completed using PayPal or by making payment via direct deposit through regular online banking. We will be adding more online payment options very soon. Our member section is still a work in progress however by registering online we will notify all members via email once the member features are in place.