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  • $32.00 $29.90 1/8" sprayjet 0502
    1/8" 0502 MEG jet used in Turbo Hybrid tool and many other tile spinner tools

  • 6.6 litre jug
    $39.90 $37.90 6.6 Litre clear Jug
    6.6 litre high capacity jug for Hydroforce, Spraymaster or other inline injection sprayers. This product has an additional rear fill cap for convenient topping up of cleaning concentrate...

  • CAT pump oil
    $25.90 $24.60 CAT parts
    CAT Pump Oil, 620ml (21oz) - Original CAT brand as specified for use in the crankase of CAT pressure pumps. CAT pumps insist that this specific oil is to be used to maintain the manufacturer's warranty. Use of other brands...

  • CAT pulsation dampener
    $328.00 $298.00 CAT pulsation dampener
    CAT pulsation dampener Specifications Precharge 450PSI 5°F to 180°F Bladder construction (NBR) Features Nitrogen pre-charged to eliminate moisture and bladder deterioration Broader bladder design...

  • TH40 gun swivel
    $117.00 $105.30 Gun swivel
    Replacement gun swivel for TH40 Turbo Hybrid tile tool 

  • Hydroforce jug label
    $1.35 $1.25 Hydroforce Inj Sprayer jug label
    Hydroforce inline sprayer jug label - handy for spare bottles to clearly lable and identify alternate cleaning solutions...

  • sprayer metering tip kit
    $38.00 $35.90 HydroForce metering tip kit
    Metering Tip Kit for High-Pressure inline injection sprayerNow your HydroForce, SprayMaster or other inline sprayer is more versatile than ever. Dilute concentrated chemical automatically at any of eight standard dilution...

  • Hyper Turbo brush ring
    $151.00 $135.90 Hyper Turbo brush ring
    TurboForce Hyper Turbo replacement 17" brush...

  • Hyper Turbo castors
    $49.90 $44.90 Hyper Turbo Castors (set of 4)
    Hyper Turbo replacement castors (set of 4) 

  • Hyper Turbo Spraybar
    $208.50 $187.65 Hyper Turbo Spraybar
    Replacement spraybar for Turbo Force 16" Hyper Turbo

  • Hydroforce injector valve
    $115.00 $108.00 Injector Valve
    Injector valve for Hydroforce, SprayMaster and other inline injection sprayers

  • metering tip yellow
    $7.50 $6.90 Metering tip yellow
    Metering tip for Hydroforce, SprayMaster and other inline injection sprayers - dilutes solution between 1:8 and 1:9