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  • OxyBlast
    $66.00 $62.90 OxyBlast
    OxyBlast is a unique product that uses the combined benefits of activated oxygen and enzymes to boost suitable liquid or powder based carpet, upholstery or tile cleaning solutions. The enzymes within OxyBlast quickly...

  • OxyRestore 5L
    $30.00 $28.40 OxySpot
    OxySpot is a one part oxidising stain remover for stains from a naturally based origin such as urine, coffee, tea and can also remove mild browning or yellowing on carpet or cotton upholstery. OxySpot is a fast acting, self...

  • Neutron
    $33.50 ProNeutro
    ProNeutro is a powerful multi purpose cleaner however due to its neutral pH formulation, it remains safe to use on a broad range of surfaces. ProNeutro is an ideal general purpose, cost effective cleaner for tile and...

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