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Sprayer Parts

  • 6.6 litre jug
    $39.90 $37.90 6.6 Litre clear Jug
    6.6 litre high capacity jug for Hydroforce, Spraymaster or other inline injection sprayers. This product has an additional rear fill cap for convenient topping up of cleaning concentrate...

  • Hydroforce jug label
    $1.35 $1.25 Hydroforce Inj Sprayer jug label
    Hydroforce inline sprayer jug label - handy for spare bottles to clearly lable and identify alternate cleaning solutions...

  • sprayer metering tip kit
    $38.00 $35.90 HydroForce metering tip kit
    Metering Tip Kit for High-Pressure inline injection sprayerNow your HydroForce, SprayMaster or other inline sprayer is more versatile than ever. Dilute concentrated chemical automatically at any of eight standard dilution...

  • Hydroforce injector valve
    $115.00 $108.00 Injector Valve
    Injector valve for Hydroforce, SprayMaster and other inline injection sprayers

  • metering tip yellow
    $7.50 $6.90 Metering tip yellow
    Metering tip for Hydroforce, SprayMaster and other inline injection sprayers - dilutes solution between 1:8 and 1:9

  • MV920 Gun
    $73.50 $66.00 MV920 Spray Gun
    MV920 Spray Gun to suit inline sprayer lance. The MV920 has higher specifications than the standard spray gun used by most inline spayer manufacturers. We recommend replacing the standard Hydroforce MV960 gun or SprayMaster...

  • strainer 100 mesh
    $8.65 $7.95 Strainer 100 mesh
    Inline strainer used to filter water of fine particles that typically block spray jets. The inline strainer is positioned just after the quick connect on extraction wands, upholstery tools and so on and will effectively...

  • strainer adapter
    $9.70 $8.95 Strainer Adapter
    Strainer adapter used to insert fine mesh filter into wand solution line, inline sprayer solution line or upholstery tools prior to the spray...

  • Na0802 strainer body
    $8.90 $8.20 Strainer Body
    Strainer Body for inline filter used on carpet extraction wands, upholstery tools and inline sprayers prior to the spray...

  • 8006 1/4  jet
    $25.60 $23.95 Veejet 8006 1/4" FPT
    Jet 1/4" brass (female NPT thread) - suit Hydroforce/ Spraymaster inline sprayer lance

  • NA0819 velcro strap
    $4.95 $4.65 Velcro Strap small buckle
    Velcro hose strap 

  • Na0808
    $17.80 $16.40 Water Nozzle w/o-ring
    Injection Sprayer replacement nozzle for DEMA valve. Suits Hydroforce, Spraymaster, etc.